Nautical Navy Blue Hydrangea Modern Bridal Shower Invitations

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Get unique supplies for your bridal shower like this Nautical Navy Blue Hydrangea Modern Bridal Shower Invitations. Are you a bride that loves all things timeless, classic and elegant? Do you want to look at your wedding years from now and be just as in love with your choices as today? If so a vintage style floral mixed with a bold, classy wide navy blue and wide striped pattern will never go out of style! Matching Party Invites with a complete coordinating mix and match collection of designs avoids a "matchy match" suite feel. This invitation begins in Audrey Jeanne&#;s own gardens, where she picked these blossoms fresh off of her front porch and painted them from life. Subtle light and shadow mixed with loose painterly style brush strokes give them an impressionistic feel. The interior frame is inspired by the simple geometric elegance of Art Deco era design. Adding the final touch is a hand lettered calligraphy style script font with scroll flourishes mixed with a typography style invitation format. Copyright, all rights reserved.

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