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Get unique supplies for your bridal shower like this antique typography bridal shower invitations. Vintage style invitations. It looks really nice because of the floral drawing and typography – together they make a wonderful composition. I used sepia and old drawing tones. IF bride to be has a very short name you can write it together with her surname, or you can make the text size bigger. And opposite – if you want her name together with surname change the text to smaller size. I suggest the "Linen" or "Felt" paper for this design. If you need more additional products (like rsvp, stamps, envelopes etc), please contact me. If you like my style, please browse my store and see a lot of unique designs. ……………………………………….If you need to change only the text please use the "PERSONALIZE IT" window on the right. After you change the information, choose the paper, add a quantity, and that&#;s it – add your product to cart. BUT if you need to change the colors, position, font style, size, to rotate, change the background and please push the "CUSTOMIZE" button, and work in "CUSTOMIZE IT" window at the right too. If you have any problems, have a question or need more help please contact me I would be happy to help you.

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